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07.08.2010 13:12 | zum Beitrag springen

Hey zusammen! Wunderbare screens habt ihr da gemacht.Hab GP4 heute auch mal wieder gestartet... :-)Sagt mal kann mir jemand ein paar tipps zu den Grafik-Settings geben? AA und AF ingame oder über den Treiber? Und hat jmd die f1graphics.cfg durchschaut und auf max qaulity gestellt? Ich verzweifel gerade dran.....

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25.03.2010 02:33 | zum Beitrag springen

First of all thanks for the great Video! Looks like you were in a mood So will it be a straight conversion, or will you guys add special rfactor features? Have seen the camera flashing which is a really nice addition Shadows for instance? EDIT: Ups, just read about the shadows in the comments...*g* So anything else? I also had the feeling the gpl version is like having a background and you always see only the next 500 meters... You didn't felt like being "in" that mountains. I think I can see t...

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07.03.2010 04:24 | zum Beitrag springen

Hehe thx Buddy!Here is a lil sum-up I made over the winter...Zitat Facts:1. BMW is out of F1and Sauber a private team again.2. Toyota is out of F1.3. Mercedes switched to BrawnGP and is a works-team now. Mclaren still use their engines.4. 19 races in 2010.5. HRT (Hispania Racing Team former Campos F1) steps into F1, together with Colin Kolles. 6. US F1 didn't made it.7. Virgin(Manor/Wirth) steps into F1.8. Lotus steps into F1.9. Williams use Cosworth engines this year. (Toyota engines last year)...

Flaux hat eine Antwort auf einen Beitrag geschrieben
13.02.2010 08:21 | zum Beitrag springen

Man du machst echt schöne Lichteffekte. Auf der Nase und dem Helm und den Rückspiegeln usw. Das schaut fantastisch aus. Da zerbreche ich mir noch den Kopf haha aber macht ja Spaß!

Flaux hat eine Antwort auf einen Beitrag geschrieben
04.02.2010 03:32 | zum Beitrag springen

At the moment it's this right here: (Hope its not to big....)And of all time...hmm,... probably this one:But there are so many other great cars. I think I could have posted another 100 cars. God how could I forget....

Flaux hat eine Antwort auf einen Beitrag geschrieben
29.01.2010 07:08 | zum Beitrag springen

Tricky.... can't remember the face. Strange he doesn't wears an modern helmet...It isn't Nicky nor Clay and it looks like a movie capture or something like that... This will take some time I think EDIT: Nor Ickx....

Flaux hat eine Antwort auf einen Beitrag geschrieben
28.01.2010 02:31 | zum Beitrag springen

Was messing around with it's physics and was shooting those in a quick brake... again unedited. (I'm too lazy to cut out and everything *g*) It's quite a nice Mod isn't it? Georg thanks for all the nice Targa shots! Have only done 5 Laps of it in GPL but it always is impressiv! Great to see the conversion is on a good way.

Flaux hat eine Antwort auf einen Beitrag geschrieben
20.01.2010 03:54 | zum Beitrag springen

There you go, answered the question already by yourself...I really don't want to waste my time in spending hours on the screen just looking at average screenshots...I would like to vote for Tyrrell's () F1 93 Mclaren shot. But if it isn't uploaded I think the Zanardi screen is really a good choice because its almost unedited as the sparks are no post-production. Or is it another screen?Has stabiz uploaded any videos on simraceway? (stabiz? Are you here? ) He made so many great cinematic v...

Flaux hat ein neues Thema erstellt
19.01.2010 05:33Simraceway MOTY Awards
Flaux hat eine Antwort auf einen Beitrag geschrieben
19.01.2010 02:19 | zum Beitrag springen

Stunning! Is the Background real or from the game?It really looks fotorealistic I think....


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