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in Track Updates 02.01.2010 06:48
von Y E S • 2 Beiträge

Hi 6e66o,
firstly, a big thanks from France for the time you spend sharing your passion about Simracing, and making tack updates for rFactor.
I've recently seen videos on YouTube about track update you're doing about ISI Monza, RaceKing Suzuka 2008 and rF1 Brazil Spa Francorchamps.
Are these update still WIP, and will you release it some days?

I must admit, it's from far away the best versions i've seen for these tracks, specially about grass texture colors, but i've noticed too the many 3D changes you've made about Spa.
Like many SimRacers, my absolutely 3 favorites tracks are Spa, Suzuka and Melbourne.
It would be wonderfull if these updates could be realeased, but i know you are in a private team, so i was wondering about this and i decided to become a member of your forum to have an answer about it... ^_^

Anyway thnaks again, keep up the good work (and sorry about my very approximative english)


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RE: About New Tacks Updates

in Track Updates 02.01.2010 07:15
von 6e66oAdmin | 949 Beiträge

Hi Y E S,
sometimes i update tracks just for private use,
they either contain stuff from other tracks or changes to the 3d.
So i cant release everything.

Hope you understand


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RE: About New Tacks Updates

in Track Updates 02.01.2010 07:44
von Y E S • 2 Beiträge

Thanks for your answer,
of course I understand, and I suspected a bit of your answer on the private use you make of these tracks ...

Myself, I confess that I edit and mix often enough cameras, ambiant colors or ambient fog of tracks.
(Unfortunately, I use a Mac, and many tools for editing textures are exclusive to the PC.
I run Windows XP on my iMac, and it's dedicated to rFactor, but the partition size of my XP does not allow me to install Photoshop I mastered, since it has been over 20 years that I work on it. I'm graphic designer in packaging.
I actually only can edit scn, gdb, cam, tdf files with a text editor.
I've seen someone in CTDP has made some tools to edit DDS files with Mac OSX, but i didn't had time to try it yet)

Thank you anyway for all the updates that you did, and maybe one day you might have permissions to release it...
Spa Francorchamps RF1 Brazil seems to be illegal, and everybody knows it, but what is amusing is that absolutely everyone on rFactor drive it.
Maybe for Suzuka and Monza fewer legal problems ...
Hope gives life ;-)

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